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"At times you have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself." Alan Alda



"I can't describe how much Jill means to my family and I. We were referred to her after the sudden loss of a family member. During our initial contact, she spoke with us for close to 4 hours and was able to connect with not only our recently passed loved one, but other family members. Her accuracy and warm way of conveying the messages left us speechless. We cannot thank her enough. I would like to say that although we tried to pay her for spending so much time with us, she refused payment, and has continued to do so since we have had the pleasure of meeting her. She's made an incredibly painful point in our lives more bearable. Thank you, Jill. You are blessed. We love you!" M.R. Saratoga, NY

"Jill Marie Morris gave me a reading during her show and I am still shocked at how spot on she was. There is no way she would know the last words my husband spoke to me before he passed. She is gifted and funny. I feel so much better knowing my husband is at peace and visits with me." Georgia B., New York

"I happened to buy tickets to an event in Clinton and wasn't sure what to expect. I am so happy to have been part of that night. Jill has remarkable insight and made all of us laugh through it all. Great time and for a good cause." Anonymous, Clinton, MA

"We were referred to Jill by a close friend. She blew us away. The details she spoke about during our family reading were incredible. We cannot thank her enough for her time and dedication to helping us in our time of need. She would not accept anything from us, which is practically unheard of. We are looking forward to our next conversation with Jill. She is amazing." Susan R., Los Angeles, CA

"She is a riot. I've been to two of her shows and could listen to her comedy and readings all night long. Already have tickets for next year and will be bringing more newbies with me for the "Jill Experience". She is really funny and spooky! I love her!" C.B., Albany, NY

"I was present for her new show and was really impressed. She isn't the typical psychic medium style you see at shows or on television which is a refreshing change. She is real and approachable, extremely funny and compassionate. I hope she continues to do the work God has gifted her with. I'll be back for more." Judy O., NY

"Jill will make you laugh and scare the hell out of you. Her reading of a fellow attendee had me stunned. Her detail of the deceased was something I won't soon forget. Going to bring my sister with me the next time she's in town." T.E., St. Petersburg, FL

"We have been to a couple of Jill's events and are eagerly awaiting her return to the west coast. I've also had the pleasure of sitting for a reading with Jill (I won it) and left with a new perspective on life. Jill is the real deal. She is beautiful, talented and gifted. The way she conveys the message of spirit is unlike anything I've ever seen or heard. If you ever have a chance, go see her show and maybe you will be blessed to get a reading by this lovely, very funny lady." Steve & Becky, West Hollywood, CA.

"Jill is a brilliant star in what can be such a cold and dim world. Her words have carried me when I did not think it possible to continue. The power she embodies will not go unnoticed. May God bless and keep her." Antonio G., NY

"Our lives have been touched by an angel named Jill. Thank you for the laughter and for putting us in contact with our Deb. You have eased our fears and answered our questions in a dignified manner and with the utmost respect." T. Porter, Mission Viejo, CA